About Us

Our Purpose

Moore Research Services, Inc. is a market research firm with a passion for building, assessing, and strengthening our clients’ product lines and services. The Moore team is experienced in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology research. Our ability to evaluate attitudes and behaviors gives our clients accurate and detailed research that helps predict market share, revenue, and the ultimate impact of the client’s business decisions.

Lindsay, Colleen, and Peggy

We bring generations of expertise to the table.

In 1969, Peggy Moore took over the business she had been working for and turned it into Moore Research Services, Inc. The company was run out of her home while she raised her four children.

For several years, Moore Research conducted research primarily in Pennsylvania. In 1985, when Peggy’s daughter, Colleen Moore Mezler, joined the company, their focus began to expand. Moore Research launched a full-service research division and expanded their data collection efforts to include partnering with other research companies in the US and globally. Moore Research continues to this day to find ways to expand and diversify their growing business.

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Conference Room

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Top-notch facilities for any study.

In May of 2015, Moore Research expanded and relocated to a new office in Erie, PA.

Meet the Team

Colleen Moore Mezler
President & CEO
Frank Mezler
Vice President
Lindsay Bach-Moore
Director of Research & Insights
Cathy Filipowski
Operations Manager
Ellen Bach-Moore
Research Analyst
Lindsey Bresee
Research Coordinator
Grace Flood
Research Analyst
Desiree Fuller
Research Assistant
Lisa Rodgers
Senior Research Analyst
Barb Spusta
Kathleen Washington
Research Analyst
Courtney Evans
Research Assistant

Community & Philanthropy

Moore Research is a proud member of:

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Moore Research is passionate about contributing to the community and is proud to support various regional, national and global organizations.

Members of the Moore Research team are passionate about a variety of causes and formed multiple different internal sub-teams, all starting in 2021, each with their own distinct mission and goals.

Community Engagement Team

Our mission is to encourage our staff as well as the community at-large to be civically engaged by providing philanthropic opportunities, resources, and by cultivating relationships that will contribute to the vibrancy of our local, national, and global communities.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Team

Our mission is to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion within Moore Research and our wider community.  Through collaborative efforts we strive to broaden perspectives, ensure representation, and amplify diverse voices in order to enhance the richness of our business and community as a whole.

Team Green

Our mission is to promote environmentally-conscious practices internally as well as within the community we live and serve by recycling, minimizing waste and pollution, and reducing our carbon footprint to help build a more sustainable future.