Our Facilities

conference room

Conference Room

Our conference room was designed with versatility in mind. It can be used for focus groups, in-depth interviews, central location tests, and more.

viewing room

Viewing Room

Our client viewing room features a 15’x4′ one-way viewing mirror, comfortable yet practical seating to enjoy the focus group while also being able to get work done, advanced features for advertising or website usability testing, as well as upgraded video and recording equipment. In addition to back room viewing, Moore Research offers the ability to securely live stream focus groups over the web in high definition. For those who are not able to travel, this provides the ability to view the groups from the comfort of their own desktop. The convenience of video conferencing and video streaming allows key people to be involved in the qualitative research process, without the costs associated with travel.

Test Kitchen

Our spacious test kitchen is equipped with multiple microwaves, ample refrigerator space, and two full stoves that can be utilized for a variety of different taste tests. The kitchen can also be used as “over-flow” space for the client viewing room, where clients can sit and enjoy a meal, while still being able to view the focus group on the TV.

Interviewing Rooms

We have several interviewing rooms that are used for recruiting for various types of studies, and also utilized for central location tests.

Cosmetic Testing Rooms

We have several areas in our facility specifically set up for cosmetic, skin care, hair care, and other beauty product testing. The room above is set up for nail product testing, however our rooms can be customized to meet your specific needs.