Our Process

What’s the process of working with Moore Research? While every project is unique, our customized research plan helps clients make reliable business decisions.

solutions process
  • understand icon
    client/project needs
    • We take the time to know our client’s business, their industry, and challenges by asking good questions and listening. In this step we explore…

      • -The overall objectives/goals of the project and what decisions will be made as a result of the research
      • -What success looks like to our client; understand what their expectations are

      -Learn what they will do with the research results; why is it being done and who will ultimately benefit from the results

      -Similar projects they have done (if any) regarding the challenge and understand what worked and what did not

      -Their timeline for the results

  • define icon
    target audience
    • We explore who the target is and ultimately what they want to learn from this audience.

      -How do they interact with them now? What works and what doesn’t?
      -Is there a secondary audience to consider? Are there potential non-users/customers?
      -Explore who their competitor is and what they are doing differently

  • develop icon
    strategy and methodology
    • Explore whether qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed methodology approach is appropriate.

      -Qualitative utilizes open-ended questions and our various tools extract interesting, diverse consumer perspectives
      -Quantitative utilizes feedback through direct, survey ranking of each facet of the consumer experience

  • execute icon
    research plan
    • We identify, develop, and execute our research with quality measures in place to ensure the chosen methodology is performed efficiently and effectively.

  • deliver icon
    the story
    • We present actionable insights that will ensure market success and enable clients to make reliable business decisions as a result of the research.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research yields an in-depth understanding about an issue. Typically focusing on a small number of people, these interviews tend to be longer and often unstructured since the interviews are in-depth. An outline of discussion points, rather than a questionnaire, is often used. Moore Research conducts qualitative research throughout the United States and globally, either in person or utilizing online techniques (bulletin boards, blogging, and in virtual communities).


Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research is used to statistically estimate the viewpoints of a population providing estimates of percentages or averages. This research usually employs larger samples and takes less of the respondent’s time. Research tools for quantitative research include, but are not limited to: telephone surveys, online and web based research, mall intercepts, in-home surveys, taste test studies, and mobile phone research. Moore Research conducts quantitative research throughout the United States and globally.


Reporting Capabilities

Reports have the ability to make or break any research project. Too often, data is regurgitated and offered up as “analysis”. At Moore Research, we know the value of a good report:

-Our analysts work with you to understand your areas of focus and concern.

-We use that understanding to provide you with a customized, thorough, premium quality report in a presentation-ready format.

-The analysis and statistics behind our results will be presented in straightforward and relatable terms.

-We utilize pictures, color, and creativity to guarantee a fun and never-boring presentation.

Our goal will always be to show you the story behind the data.


Standard Operating Procedures

Moore Research has an extensive list of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) that ensure a project is executed seamlessly. Our SOP’s were created to conduct a well-run study that yields quality research, and complete, accurate, and high-quality study findings.