Three Generations of Moore Research

Lindsay, Colleen, and Peggy

In 1969, Peggy Moore took over the business she had been working for and turned it into Moore Research Services, Inc. The company was run out of her home while she raised her four children.

For several years, Moore Research conducted research primarily in Pennsylvania.  In 1985, when Peggy’s daughter, Colleen Moore Mezler, joined the company, their focus began to expand. Moore Research launched a full-service research division and expanded their data collection efforts to include partnering with other research companies in the US and globally. Moore Research continues to this day to find ways to expand and diversify their growing business.

In 1993, Colleen became President of the company and, shortly after, became the sole owner of Moore Research.

In 2008, Lindsay, Colleen’s niece and Peggy’s granddaughter, joined the Moore team making her a third generation at Moore Research.

Colleen and Frank

Colleen’s husband, Frank, had worked at Moore Research since they began dating in 1988, but with Moore Research rapidly expanding, Frank retired from teaching after 22 years and began to work full-time at Moore Research in 2014 to meet the growing technological needs.

Colleen and Lindsay

Peggy, Colleen, Frank, and Lindsay continue to collaborate on the continued growth of Moore Research. Their remarkable family relationship has made it possible for this company to evolve and grow into the respected full-service research company it is today.