Our History

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Three generations of Moore Research (From left: Colleen Moore Mezler, Peggy Moore, Lindsay Moore)

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During 2008, a third generation joined the Moore team, Peggy's granddaughter and Colleen's niece, Lindsay Moore.

In 1969, Peggy Moore took over the business she had been working for and turned it into Moore Research Services, Inc. The company was run out of her home while she raised her four children.

Mall intercept research was becoming popular during the 1970’s, and as a result, Moore Research was able to rent out the Millcreek Mall on a daily basis from 1973-1984. In addition to the mall space, Moore Research moved from Peggy’s home to our first office in 1979 and the business began to expand. Another company eventually took over the mall which forced Moore Research to focus their efforts in other methods of research. In 1996, Peggy returned to the mall and bought the Mall Office. Moore Research eventually sold it in 2005.

For several years, door-to-door, mall intercepts, telephone, and in store demonstrations were the main areas of focus for Moore Research. In 1985, when Peggy’s youngest daughter, Colleen Moore Mezler, joined the company, their focus began to expand. Moore Research launched a full service research division and expanded their data collection efforts to include partnering with other research companies in the US and globally. Moore Research continues to this day to find ways to expand and diversify their growing business.

Peggy knew that her youngest daughter would eventually be the one to take over the family business the second she started working for the company. Colleen began her career at Moore Research while in high school and worked her way to the top. In 1993, Colleen became President of the company and shortly after Colleen became the sole owner of Moore Research.

Peggy Moore retired in 2003 and today she travels between her retirement home in Florida and her home in Pennsylvania. In June 2007, Peggy had the distinct honor to install her daughter, Colleen Moore Mezler as the President of the national Marketing Research Association (MRA). During 2008, a third generation joined the Moore team, Colleen's niece, Lindsay.

In 2009, Colleen was honored with receiving the Distinguished Service Award from the MRA. That same year, the ATHENA PowerLink® Governing Body selected Colleen to receive free business guidance as part of the ATHENA PowerLink program. ATHENA PowerLink is designed to connect a woman business owner to a volunteer panel of advisors who provide free advice to grow the company and improve its business operations.

In 2010, Moore Research was recognized as a finalist for the Erie County Economic Development Corporation Employer of the Year. Colleen was named the 2010 Women Business Owner of Western Pennsylvania by the Small Business Administration.

An in-house test kitchen was installed at Moore Research's corporate office in 2011. During that year, Moore Research announced their Inaugural $10,000 Research Grant that was going to be offered to a local business or organization. They selected the United Way of Erie County to receive the award. In 2011, Colleen was also selected for the Erie ATHENA Leadership Award.

In 2012, Colleen was elected as officer and executive committee board member for ATHENA International. In 2013, Colleen was elected as officer on the United Way Erie County Board and Economic Development Corporation. During the year 2014, Moore Research was proud to be nominated for the Governor's ImPAct Awards in the Entrepreneur Category. In addition, Colleen was named one of the Mercy Center for Women's 'Women Making History.' As a long-standing member of the MRA, Colleen was also honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. In 2015, Colleen was the recipient of the Gannon SDBC Legacy Award.

In order to accommodate their growing business, Moore Research expanded their capabilities in 2015 by designing a new state-of-the-art facility, complete with a test kitchen, multi-functional focus group facility, as well as private interviewing rooms.

Peggy, Colleen, and Lindsay continue to collaborate on the continued growth of Moore Research. Their remarkable family relationship has made it possible for this company to evolve and grow into the respected full service research company it is today.