MOORE Experience = MOORE Expertise


Since 1969, Moore Research Services has worked with clients in various industries across the United States and internationally in order to understand consumers' preferences. Moore Research continues to build upon its experience while continuing to strive for excellence in every project.

Moore Research has experience in a number of different sensory testing methods, including:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Central Location Tests
  • In-Home Use Tests
  • Focus Groups
  • Exit Interviews
  • Product Optimization Studies
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Internet Testing
  • Descriptive Profiling
  • Claim Substantiation
  • Mixed Qualitative/Quantitative Approaches

Products are evolving and changing rapidly and in order to adapt to ever-changing consumer tastes, we understand that your products need to reach the marketplace quickly. Moore Research creates a clear and accurate understanding of consumer preferences, then presents those preferences in a manner that is meaningful to your development team. Working as an extension of your workforce, we provide the most efficient and cost-effective research method for your objectives. The end result is reliable, actionable data that tells a story and allows you to make confident decisions. A quick turn-around of our projects helps to shorten product development cycles, saves costs, and ultimately yields extraordinary new products and success stories for our clients.

There is a reason the majority of our business comes from repeat clients. It’s our reliability, accuracy, and dedication to our clients. Repeat clients equal satisfied clients.

We are MOORE!


Mock Juries

A mock jury consists of eight to ten “jurors” assembled to hear a summary presentation of both sides of a case. Once the case is presented, participants then discuss the evidence and the arguments. Lawyers observe the group discussion from behind a one-way mirror. Typically, each session lasts two hours.

As a lawyer, you are well aware that you may only get one chance to present what is hopefully a “winning strategy” for your client.

Moore Research helps you make sure that one chance counts. Wherever your case stands now, whether in the beginning stages or well into litigation, we bring a fresh perspective that gives an eye-opening experience. The results are better-informed decisions about strategies and tactics at every stage of the case.

Trial research is not about who is in the jury, but how the jury thinks. Our goal is to prepare you to deliver your case to a jury and give you an understanding of the reasoning behind the jurors' decisions and their thought processes along the way.

Mock Juries can be used to:

  • Test legal arguments and strategies before unveiling them in the courtroom
  • View deliberations as they happen to understand their thought process and to refine your presentation and arguments
  • Determine credibility from the “jurors” perspective
  • Learn which words, terms and phrases “jurors” understand and which should be avoided
  • Understand what emotions, feelings, and possibly hidden motives influence the “jurors”
  • Determine what type of “jurors” are most likely to be favorable to your client’s case
  • Gain insights into the opposition’s potential strategies

Initial Case Assessment

Initial Case Assessment provides a quick and effective way to gain an unbiased evaluation of the case.

Opening Statement Study

An Opening Statement Study measures the effect of opening statements by placing stand-in jurors in court or reading the transcript to them.

Post-Trial Analysis

A Post-Trial Analysis provides detailed insights into how juries are likely to react to similar arguments and graphics in pending cases or in serial litigation.

Shadow Jury

A Shadow Jury is observed during live proceedings and the recruited mock jurors are interviewed intensively each evening after the hearing. Their immediate reactions and thoughts provide instrumental feedback on the effectiveness of your presentation and the dynamics of the trial. This allows the confusion to be cleared for the next trial day.

Solution Generating Research

Solution Generating Research identifies which arguments, evidence and individuals will be most persuasive to the triers of fact.

Strategy Development Research

Strategy Development Research tests case strategies and themes to make you confident you have the best strategy going into the trial. Arguments are finely adjusted and evaluated and the process also refines discovery strategies and informs ongoing settlement efforts.


Moore Research has years of experience working with healthcare facilities and health departments. We listen to our client’s needs and develop a research strategy that will accomplish objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

New Service Evaluation

Implementing new services can be risky and costly, although a well-designed research project can give you the information needed to make informed and confident decisions. The research will help assess the need for the service, gauge potential interest, and understand the viability of employing the new service.

Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are developed to gain insight and satisfaction levels from a variety of respondents, including but not limited to physicians, medical personnel, employees, patients, or members. The survey gives an understanding of performance level and how well the needs and expectations of those involved with your organization are being met.

Community Attitude

When planning marketing and business development efforts, it is vital to understand the needs, characteristics, and perceptions of the general public. This research can determine the community’s awareness of your organization and its competitors, evaluate your facility's image and that of your competitors, understand the community’s loyalty or lack thereof, and provide predictions of future market share.

Advertising and Brand Awareness

Understanding brand awareness can help save time, reduce costs, and get a higher return on your investment. We help to understand the current level of awareness, if the target market is being reached, and offer suggestions for increasing awareness or direction for future campaigns.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) is an annual statewide telephone surveillance system designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The survey tracks health conditions and risk behaviors in the United States (in all 50 states). The data gathered can be used for planning, initiating, and supporting health promotion and disease prevention programs at the state and federal level, and monitoring progress toward achieving health objectives for the state and nation.