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Moore Research Services, Inc. conducts thousands of interviews every year on a variety of different topics, providing people with the opportunity to give their opinions about the products and services they buy and use. We would never attempt to sell you anything, we are only looking for your opinions. Many types of research projects that we conduct give a typical incentive of $60 for two hours of your time. The fee varies by the length of study and type of individual we are seeking.

This is a confidential database that is maintained strictly for market research purposes (never sold). We guarantee that this information will only be used by Moore Research Services, Inc. to offer you the opportunity of participating in market research studies at your convenience and for a cash incentive.

Please take a minute to be added to our database so that we may contact you in the future to participate in a market research study. Also, if you know anyone who you think may be interested in participating, please send them the link to our web page.

Remember, if you get a phone call from Moore Research, it is NOT a sales call. We are just looking for your opinions!

Thank you for your interest and remember YOUR OPINION COUNTS!

From some of our participants:

Ellen I. — I would love to help you again..the coffee tasting was fun, nice people, excellent staff and very accommodating!

Mary Y. — Thanks for inviting me to participate in the macaroni and cheese taste test this week. Your staff is pleasant and very professional. I enjoyed being there.

Sam B. — When can I participate in another focus group? That was informative and interesting. Who would think you could get paid to give your opinions? I thought I was going to be asked to buy something and the staff person said, "If you come to Moore Research, you will never be asked to buy anything." She was right. Loved it!

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