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COVID-19 Round Three Survey Results Released

Jan 25, 2021

How Are You Doing Erieites Wave 3 2

PRESS RELEASE: January 25, 2021


Moore Research Releases Results of Third Round COVID-19 Survey Conducted with Erie County Residents

(ERIE, PA) – Moore Research is pleased to present the results of the third community survey conducted with Erie County residents regarding COVID-19. The survey gathered 859 Erieites’ opinions on how the community has been handling the COVID-19 pandemic over the past six months. Moore Research launched previous surveys in April and June of 2020. Data was gathered for this third round at the end of the year and helps to understand shifts in opinions and feelings as we enter a new year with this pandemic.

The survey was open to Erie County residents over the age of 18 and made available to take between December 15, 2020 and January 5, 2021.

To view the results online, please click here.

Moore Research’s Senior Research Analyst, Lisa Rodgers said, “Two things were most notable about this third round of data. First, there was an overwhelming sense of defeat and sadness among the emotions people reported. It is regrettably clear that our community is increasingly depressed given the current state of our nation. Second are the conflicting opinions people have towards the vaccine. 71% feel the vaccine is safe, but only 50% consider themselves “extremely” or “very” likely to get vaccinated. In fact, of those who feel it is safe, 29% are comparatively unlikely to get vaccinated. So, it seems health and safety are not the only factors in this decision. And for now, the remaining factors are unclear.”

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Lindsay Bach-Moore at lindsay@moore-research.com.

Moore Research Services, Inc. is an award-winning market and opinion research company founded in 1969. Moore Research delivers quality insight that drives innovation and products/services that meet consumer expectations and needs. By conducting qualitative and quantitative research in the United States and globally, the company offers flexibility, reliability and value to its clients. To learn more about the company, visit moore-research.com or call 814-835-4100.

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