Participant FAQ

Have MOORE questions? We have answers! See the most frequently asked questions below.

Who/What is Moore Research?

Before a new product is launched onto the market, it often goes through multiple rounds of testing with real-life consumers.  Simply put, this research increases the chance of the product being successful in a highly competitive marketplace.  Moore Research is a local market and consumer research company that has been in business in Erie, PA for over 50 years.  We use methods such as focus groups, taste tests, and home-use tests to collect opinions on a wide variety of products and services.  We collect your opinions and give the feedback to our clients so they can make well-informed business decisions.

How does this work?

Each study is different; however our most common type of studies are product home-use tests.  For these projects, we first ask you screening questions, either over the phone or through an online survey.  If you qualify and want to participate, we will call and schedule you an appointment at our office (36th & Poplar; Erie, PA) to pick up the product.  Some studies are conducted nation-wide, and the products are mailed to you.  We test many different types of products including cosmetics, haircare, skincare, and nail products.  You will use the product at home, usually for a week or two, during which we will collect your opinion (e.g. an online survey, paper diary, in-person, or phone discussion, etc.).  After you have completed all study requirements we will send your incentive (an electronic gift card) to your email.  

Who can participate?

Anyone 18 and older in the continental US can participate in our studies.  However, each study is usually looking for a specific type of consumer and has a limited number of slots available.  We narrow down who qualifies for a study by asking you screening questions.  For example, if we are testing out a new skincare product designed to dry up oily skin, we would not want to test it on people with dry skin, as it would exacerbate their dryness.  Alternately, a client might want to see how a new cleanser performs on people with sensitive skin, while a different facial serum study (with stronger ingredients) might only be suitable for people with non-sensitive skin.  Other times we are looking for users of a particular brand or product type and may ask you to bring in your product for confirmation.  

How do I get selected to participate? 

Complete each of the following steps for your best chance at participating in our studies: 

Register as a product tester here.  Be sure to fill out your entire profile after submitting your basic information, saving at each tab.  This will help us identify which studies would be bes

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  We regularly email and post online surveys that will pre-screen you for our upcoming studies.  Not every study is emailed, but we will always post them on our social media.  

Save our phone number (814-835-4100) in your contacts so you do not miss our call.  A Moore Research recruiter will need to call to screen you and/or confirm your online answers before scheduling you into a study.

How do I get paid?

We typically pay you in the form of an electronic gift card.  You are able to select a card for the vendor of your choice.  Usual choices include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Starbucks, etc.  Instructions for how to redeem the gift card will be emailed to you when you complete a study.  Incentive amounts depend on the length of the study and how much you are required to do.  Simpler/shorter studies (1 or 2 weeks) pay around $40-$60 per test.  Longer/more complicated studies (4-12 weeks) are less common, but can pay as much as $150, $200, or even $400 per test.  

Is this safe to do?

Yes.  We will never try to sell you anything, and we will never sell your information to anyone.  Even our clients never see any of your personal identifying information.  A legitimate market research company will never ask you to buy or pay for anything and will always keep your information private.  Please check out our Facebook or Instagram pages to see what our respondents are saying about their experiences.

What types of studies do you have?

The home-use test is common, but we have many different clients, each of them with different objectives that require different methodologies.  We also conduct focus groups, taste tests, website usability tests, and much more.  Even our product home-use tests vary widely.  Sometimes you will be able to keep the test product, other times you will need to return it.  Sometimes a Moore Research staff member will need to evaluate your skin before and after testing a product (i.e. visually inspect non-sensitive areas only such as your face, lower arms, lower legs).  Other times we might be able to mail you a product directly, and you won’t need to come into the office at all.  In any case, you are always free to decline participation if the study doesn’t sound appealing to you.

How many studies can I participate in?

You can usually only participate in one study at a time.  A typical, active respondent usually completes six studies throughout the year, potentially more.

Why do you need personal information such as age, ethnicity, education, and income?

Research companies will often ask questions of a personal nature to make certain that a sample is fully representative of the intended population.  These questions are also utilized to classify your answers in relationship to other respondents. It allows information to be analyzed and compared based upon your age group, income bracket or ethnic background. Moore Research will never disclose any of your personal identifying information with our clients or anyone else.

I LOVED the product I tested.  Can you tell me what it is?

Unfortunately it is rare that we can reveal the brand or product name that is being tested.  This is called a blinded study.  A person’s opinion about a product can be impacted by which company produces the product. In order for researchers to truly understand how someone feels about a product or service, and not the company, researchers are sometimes required to keep this information in confidence. In fact, it is quite common that we ourselves do not know the name of the exact brand (known as a double-blind study).

Why would someone call me back to “validate” my participation?

Survey research companies are committed to providing quality information in each and every project. Sometimes our clients select a portion of the interviews to call back to “validate” your participation. This simply gives the research company assurance that the responses that were recorded during your interview are accurate. Typically this is a short interview in which you are asked to confirm your answers to specific questions.

What are focus groups?

A focus group is an informal roundtable discussion consisting of eight to ten participants and a discussion leader. These sessions are designed to give everyone a chance to freely express his or her opinions on a range of topics. Sessions usually last from one to two hours.

What do you do with my survey answers?

Your answers are combined with other participants and all personally-identifiable information is separated from your answers. We tabulate the responses and relay the findings in a report for our clients.  All of your personally-identifiable information is kept strictly confidential. Principles of confidentiality and privacy are deeply ingrained in research practice through mandatory codes and industry guidelines.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Please feel free to call us at 814-835-4100 if you have any additional questions or concerns.