Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect when viewing a focus group at Moore Research?

If your focus group is being conducted at Moore Research, we welcome you to come and view the group. We try and make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our viewing room seats ten people comfortably. Our client viewing room features a 15'x4' one-way viewing mirror, comfortable yet practical seating to enjoy the focus group while also being able to get work done, advanced features for advertising or website usability testing, as well as upgraded video and recording equipment. We also have a kitchen where you can sit and make yourself at home. There is a TV monitor in the kitchen so you can enjoy your dinner while watching the focus group. We can provide light snacks and refreshments, or a complete meal upon request. We look forward to making your visit as comfortable as possible and if you need any special accommodations, we are always willing to arrange something for you.

In addition to back room viewing, Moore Research offers the ability to securely live stream focus groups over the web in high definition.

Our well-trained moderators can conduct the groups, or you can bring your own moderator conduct the group.

View our focus group facility and viewing rooms here.

In what format will the final report be?

Our final reports are usually delivered in Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint, depending on the type of study. We have many different report formats we can follow, or you can send us a format you prefer. Our team works with you so we understand your objectives for the research, and that allows us to provide you a customized report. Our reports tell a story and give you results that are straightforward and actionable. Finally, we are always willing to come and present the report to your company if you desire.

How do you go about conducting online surveys?

Online surveys are programmed and conducted completely independently. Surveys are programmed and online in a very short time period and we closely monitor results coming in. Our team has the knowledge and experience in developing questionnaires that answer your questions, giving you the type of data needed to make decisions.

Research Participant

Why do you need personal information such as age, education and family income?

To make certain that a fully representative sample of the population is interviewed during any particular study, survey research companies will often ask questions of a personal nature. Questions such as age, income, and race are utilized to classify your answers in relationship to other respondents. It allows information to be analyzed and compared based upon your age group, income bracket or ethnic background. Survey research companies will never disclose any of your personal information shared during an interview.

Why would someone call me back to "validate" my participation?

Survey research companies are committed to providing quality information in each and every project. Sometimes our clients select a portion of the interviews to call back to "validate" your participation. This simply gives the research company assurance that the responses that were recorded during your interview are accurate. Typically this is a short interview in which you are asked to confirm your answers to specific questions.

What are focus groups?

A focus group is an informal roundtable discussion consisting of eight to ten participants and a discussion leader. These sessions are designed to give everyone a chance to freely express his or her opinions on a range of topics. Sessions usually last from one to two hours.

If you want my opinion, why do I need to answer questions about myself and my household before I can attend a focus group discussion?

Only a limited number of people can be invited to attend focus groups. Therefore, each participant represents a group of people who may have similar ideas and backgrounds. Asking questions up front helps ensure that different segments of the population will be represented.

How do I know if it is a legitimate focus group?

Legitimate market research companies will not try to sell you anything, will not ask you for any money and will not sell your information. Your name, personal information, and responses will be kept confidential.

Why was I asked a series of questions then told I could not participate in a research study when I was willing to volunteer my time?

Research studies are often specific in terms of the data that needs to be collected and therefore the backgrounds of people that the data needs to be collected from are equally important. An advertising company, for example, may be looking to launch a television ad campaign for diapers. In this case, it is likely that the advertising company will want to survey parents of infants and young children, since these parents are the subsection of the population that the commercial is intended to be viewed by. In another situation, a political polling company may only want to survey individuals who are over the age of 18 and registered to vote.

In either example above, and for most research studies, a research company is required to gather general demographic information about you before interviewing you. While certainly no offense is intended, you may or may not be the intended audience for a particular market research study.

Why won’t the research company I was speaking with tell me for which company it is conducting its research?

Often a person's opinion about a product or service is impacted by which company manufactures or offers the product or service. In order for researchers to truly understand how someone feels about a product or service, and not the company that the product or service is being offered by, researchers are sometimes required to keep this information in confidence. In fact, interviewers are rarely told who the study is for.

Can I be comfortable revealing personal information about myself during an interview?

When dealing with a legitimate survey research company, your privacy and the privacy of your answers will always be respected and maintained. Your name, address, phone number, personal information, or individual responses won't be disclosed without your permission. Most research companies are members of one or more professional associations established for the marketing and opinion research industry. In addition, members are bound by Codes of Ethics, Standards and Best Practices to insure that the data collected is not used in a manner inconsistent with industry guidelines.

Will I receive an incentive to fill out a survey / answer questions?

Some surveys include an incentive for participation. This may be a small token of appreciation, cash, entry into some sort of drawing (where permitted), or a free sample of a product. Not all surveys have these incentives, but those requiring a lengthy time commitment (such as focus groups) will often provide renumeration.

What do they do with my survey answers?

Your answers are combined with those of others with similar characteristics and all personally-identifiable information will be removed. Most research companies destroy individual questionnaires at the end of the study and names and addresses of participants are separated from the answers if additional tabulation of the results is done. All of a respondent's personally-identifiable information is kept strictly confidential. Principles of confidentiality and privacy are deeply ingrained in research industry practice, mandatory industry Codes and in industry guidelines.