Additional Services

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Mock Juries

Mock juries assist attorneys, corporations and government agencies in understanding how typical jurors think and how they might react to an issue or argument in civil or criminal litigation. All of these studies are custom designed to match each client’s specific need and can be performed before, during or after trial. Mock juries can also aid in determining the power of evidence, the effectiveness of visual aids, the jurors who are most likely to support the case, feedback on attorney presentations, and subjective factors such as mannerisms that may alienate or attract jurors. In addition to giving attorneys a chance to test aspects in their case, mock trials allow attorneys a window through which to view the deliberation process, an opportunity clients always find fascinating and rewarding.

Moore Research has its own in-house Focus Group facility, where Mock Juries can be conducted, learn more about our facility.

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping measures specific components of employee behavior, service deliverables and customer experiences that drive perceptions. This is accomplished by creating programs that provide clients with unbiased evaluations of their services. Mystery shopper programs provide objective data about employee performance on specific, observable behavior measures used in training, compensation, and motivation.

In-Store Audits

This is a method used to determine the number of units of a product sold in stores. It is the counting of units of specific products, along with knowledge of the number of products ordered and stocked.


We provide trained retail merchandisers and customer service professionals in Pennsylvania and across the United States, who are available to do projects from small to large. Our experience ranges from new item cut-ins, store section resets, store resets remodels, new store set ups, one-time projects, or custom designed continual programs. Our staff supervision assures that the project will be done to your specifications, quickly and efficiently.


Validation is the procedure used to confirm that interviews were conducted according to all specifications and instructions. It is also used to verify participants are the person indicated by name, address and/or telephone number on the questionnaire.